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Thailand Silk

The weaving of Thailand Silk started about 3000 years ago. The constant humidity and

warm climate all the year round is a perfect environment for the Bombyx Mori, a small

silk worm that comes from the egg of the silk moth. The Thai weavers feed the small

caterpillars on a diet of Mulberry leaves. The very fine thread the worms produce is far

too fine to work with, so the expert weavers must first wind it into a much stronger thread, this is a very labour intensive operation, it takes a highly skilled weaver 40 hours

to produce a half kilogram of Thai Silk.

  Almost all the Thailand Silk is made in the Khorat Plateau in the north-east of Thailand,

its vibrant colours and very high quality, make it among the very best silk in the world.

The silk worms at work

Making the silk thread from the very fine filiments on the silk worm cocoons.

The dyed silk thread ready for weaving.